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RAM Combat .43cal + 4 Mags and case - This marker sucksssss

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    RAM Combat .43cal + 4 Mags and case - This marker sucksssss



    Up for sale I have an Umarex RAM Combat .43cal + 4 mags and foam padded case
    CAD $100 -SOLD

    I hate this marker. Even on its best day the accuracy of this thing was pretty terrible at any real range. Feeding is fine… sometimes… until it isn’t… which is pretty damn often when firing quickly. In the manual they list the “Danger Distance” as 250 yards, HaHaHa!!!

    On the plus side, it is an interesting collectible, and the ‘Real’ part of Real Action Marker is really quite neat. Does have the CO2 tube sticking out the magwell so not quite an exact replica but pretty darned close. Depending on what happens with the latest version of Bill C21 (Canada) it may end up being classified more severely, at which point I would have to keep it forever… ugh

    Has an attitude problem.
    Rear iron sight missing.
    1 mag sticks / is very stiff towards the top.
    CO2 dumps out the magwell almost immediately when inserted, getting about 1 shot … if that… gassed it up before taking this pic and true to form it gave me more of a puff than a shot as it dumped all gas out the magwell. Likely just an oring in the CO2 cylinder area, see diagram, or just possessed.

    Priced in Canadian Dollars. Given the mag-fed/realism I will only ship within Canada.
    Pickup midtown Toronto or in the river I eventually chuck it into, will also ship at buyer’s expense.
    PayPal or Interac E-transfer.
    Last edited by GDawgFunk; 05-23-2023, 08:07 PM. Reason: updated listing - Sold