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Urban Assult - McDonald Pa - Western PA

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    Urban Assult - McDonald Pa - Western PA

    So I started playing paintball again for two hours twice a month at my local field. Urban assault has a great showing between 20 to 80 open players on Saturdays and Sundays, of all different types of markers. Predominately this mechanical but at the 30% are electrodes. I’ve been playing pump mainly and looking to get more club players to show up.

    if you are in western Pennsylvania and looking for a weekend open play, this place offers $10 field Fee and all day air, with 500 bags of paintballs for $25. A case is $60. The amount of players using PodS is less than 80%, meaning most games are hopper ball.

    come on out to urban Assult in McDonald PA, right near the bridgeville border and check out the 5 fields to play in 2021.

    Also to note a field pass and drop down to $20 and allows you to pay for 365 days a year from the date of purchase. That is what I have been doing or buying one bag of paint and playing six to eight games in two hours.