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Northeast Stock-Class 2.0 Event Schedule

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    Northeast Stock-Class 2.0 Event Schedule

    Greetings stock-class enthusiasts!

    The dates for all events using the new stock-class 2.0 rules have been posted to the Stock Class HQ website. While the majority of these events are hosted in the Northeast, event organizers in other parts of the country who have adopted new rules have their events listed here too.

    Please note that all event dates are tentative due to the pandemic. Hopefully the decline in the infection rate combined with the increase in vaccinations will allow all the events to take place on schedule.

    All stock-class event organizers who are using the new rules are welcome to contact us through the Stock Class HQ website and have their events listed here as well.

    Play safe and keep it stock classy!

    Very cool to see some dates for the calendar to look forward to.


      So ready!


        I don’t even like you guys

        💀Keeper of the Ointments, Ragnastock💀



          "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."


            Definitely tentatively planning for the New Hampshire events. Will hope but not hold my breath for travel restrictions to change for the rest.

            I have some new nelspot shenanigans to share 😁


              There's also the Splattttttt Memorial Birthday Ball game on May 8th at PNL Paintball. It's Stock class game in its most extreme form... . 2 teams, 10 rounds in the gun only and no reloads, one 10 round tube in the middle of the field that whomever can get it gets to use it any way they want, 5 minute time limit and all-out elimination.

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