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Anodizing an old trilogy

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    Anodizing an old trilogy

    So, I'm in the northeast, and I've got a trilogy that has a lot of sentimental value, but it's anodizing is getting worn and chipped.

    In an effort to give the old girl some new razzle dazzle I was wondering if anyone knew of a person, and roughly how much it would cost.

    Lots of variables.... Best is to contact a few of the more reputable anno houses that do paintball work

    Caustic customs, arc, name a few

    There's almost infinite options


      Blizzard is right in NY. Ano depends on what you want. Standard colors no patterns are cheaper. The more pieces and colors you add increases price. Going from Dust to gloss increases price. Removing any kind of plating (nickel) increases price and often cause pitting increases work and cost to bring it back.

      So it really depends on the part, how many you got, how bad its flaws are, and how crazy you want to get with the Ano. It’s best to email some of them for a quote. Keep in mind winter is coming so they are going to be busy they increase prices based on availability.


        My understanding is that Trilogies are very low quality aluminum and therefore anodize poorly. I'm no expert, but telling you this so you can temper expectations.
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        • Ecapnation


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          The frames are.... The bodies anno fine

        • latches109


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          They were cast aluminum iirc

        I can ano it for you, I've done a couple trilogies. $100 single color matte $130 2 color matte $160 3 color matte. Add $50 for gloss. Message me if you're interested
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