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T-Stock Availability

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    T-Stock Availability

    Hey guys,

    I was in touch with the EV guys this week and it sounded like they have T-stocks available. Black for $75 and solid colors for $80. Not sure on inventory levels and exactly what colors, or when they plan on bringing acid washes back in stock. Also, no L-stock inventory at this moment. Not available on their website, so you gotta call/email. Waiting to get confirmation back from them for the black T-stock I inquired about/plan on ordering. Figured I'd pass the info along!

    P.S. Sounds like they want to do another round of 12" c-bore/phreak bored barrels but no exact ETA at this time either.

    Just a heads up, they have black trigger shoes in stock for $14.99 ​​​​​​


      Really glad a few of you guys helped me get back in for a reasonable price. Learned my lesson for sure. Even if I stop playing again, NEVER sell the phantoms