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WWA 12 Gram Check Valve Thing

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    WWA 12 Gram Check Valve Thing

    Anyone ever buy and/or remember those little check valve kits White Wolf put out years and years ago? It was the oring, tiny ball bearing, and spring you installed in the 12 gram adapter to keep the gun pressurized when you changed 12 grams (fit internally between vert ASA and 12 gram adapter). I'd really like to know the size of the oring and bb/bearing used. I had one years ago, and it didn't work with the spring but worked like a charm when I didn't use the spring. Want to put one in my new setup if at all possible!


    I got one that uses a small disk made out of like a valve seat material and a spring like what you would find in a pen. You drop it in the bucket changer and the spring sits in the CCI vert or Back bottle AsA. I can get a picture of it if you want. It works very reliably. I purchased it from a member years ago but after MCB got 2020’d I can’t find the links.

    I bet it would be easy to make. People would buy them I’m sure if you made extra I’m sure. Material has just got to be soft enough to seal when the pressure try’s to escape the marker. Spring just hold it in place so it’s really light like a pen spring.

    Im sure you could find a cheap punch On Amazon. I can measure the one I have if you want.


      This was very similar. He used a small diameter oring that was pretty thick for its size and that sat in the hollowed out part of the bucket changer adapter. Ball bearing/bb sat on top of it, and spring pushed down on it. The spring was often too strong and even a fresh 12 gram wasn't strong enough to break it all open. Worked great when you took the spring out tho.


        Same concept different design. It’s a matter of matching the oring to ball bearing. I tried that style before I purchased one. I couldn’t find the right combo of oring size to ball bearing.

        They aren’t technically stock class compliant but still fun to play around with. I thought about making one that fit in my ICD lever changer. It’s got a larger inner diameter then the CCI bucket so it would need a larger disk and a longer spring.


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            I really need to cruise this place on a computer/monitor instead of my phone lol. I'm sure I typo'd when searching for this!

          Hmmm. Well I suppose worst case I'll just have spend too much time looking for a $.03 oring and a $.05 ball bearing


            I made one from an intimidator cup seal and random spring.


              Originally posted by RedLeaderSB View Post
              I made one from an intimidator cup seal and random spring.
              What year/model intimidator? Those weren't ever my strong suit so not sure how much they changed internally over the years.


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                Not sure, I may have cut the tip off, if I remember (and I don’t LOL). It has a sealing material and fit into the ICD lever stock though.