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DM3/Gen-E matrix overpressure leak

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    DM3/Gen-E matrix overpressure leak

    I think I overpressurized my Gen-E matrix today. Was messing around with the devil detonator and when I aired it up I heard a pop and major leak.

    Is that probably just a bolt o-ring? Or do I have to worry about the solenoid? Do those tend to blow out?

    ive blown out a noid before.. but i quickly put it back together, and it ran fine, no permanent issues (one of the gaskets under the endcap had popped out between the pieces)


      Did you fix it?

      If its the solenoid I know someone that have a pile of spare he could sell

      Let me know if you need one


        It's possible it's a bolt o-ring if you were cranking up the HPR. The tophat o-rings are susceptible to blowing out but it's rare.

        Very likely a blown solenoid manifold gasket although they usually don't leak too loud. Normally a pretty small leak. Worth it to rebuild the bolt with fresh o-rings before pulling apart the noid and solenoid manifold.