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EMEK trigger frame options

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    EMEK trigger frame options

    I'm rather new to owning an PE marker, as I just got one of the Black Friday EMEKs from Skirmish about a month ago. I've been considering the Stanchy double finger trigger mod because I very much prefer using my middle finger. What makes me hesitate is that sawing off the original trigger guard will make the frame ineligible for use at certain events, and some silly part of me occasionally daydreams about playing in the ICC one day or playing an ICPL event (in a one-off, paintball bucket list kind of way). So I have been curious about the following:
    1. Has there been any word about whether PE would consider offering a double finger frame available for the EMEK as a factory upgrade? It looks like there's market demand for one, especially with there being more mech tournaments. Or have they decided against it so as to not undercut the market for the M170r?
    2. Has anyone tried to adapt an Etha 2 frame to hold an EMEK 3-way? I have yet to hear of anyone doing this, which makes me suspect that there is some major technical impediment to doing so.

    Replacement trigger frames are surprisingly reasonably priced from PE's spare parts distributor, so I should probably quit worrying and just buy one to squirrel away and proceed to hack up my original frame. But I can't help but wonder about the above.

    EDIT: I realized after posting this that mech tournaments tend to have rules requiring single finger triggers and/or limiting the height of the space inside the trigger guard (I think to something like 1.3" as I recall). I was so focused on the general rule against modified trigger guards that I forgot about mech tourneys having more specific rules about triggers. So while a factory double finger trigger frame would be allowable in an open tournament, I doubt there's much demand for it. After all, what kind of nut brings a mech to an electro fight? Okay, okay, the kind that probably hangs around MCB. Fair enough. But I think we've established that the industry very much does not cater to our rarified tastes here.
    Last edited by MrBarraclough; 01-06-2022, 07:32 PM. Reason: ETA the critical detail that makes the premise of my first question very, very flawed.

    The Automag: Not as clumsy or random as an electro. An elegant marker for a more civilised age.

    1 no..... As it's deemed "illegal" by most mech tourny rules.

    2 not sure of that would work as the trigger geometry for the Etha2 is completely different


    • MrBarraclough


      Editing a comment
      Thanks. I had forgotten that mech tourneys also have a single finger trigger rule, in addition to the usual rule against modifications to trigger guards.

    I'm planning to install a double trigger and cut the guard on my emek and then write " 2015 WGP automag" on it. But I'd also be interested in something a little cleaner looking.