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Roscoe Rail Milling

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    Roscoe Rail Milling

    Fyi, I know this was requested from some people before the Snap. Got my roscoe in, took it to the mill within the first week. You CAN mill the rail off, but be warned, the casting process leaves the area with some voids....

    So while I don't really care, be warned. I am also willing to do this mod for people as it is fairly quick and easy. I think my current plan is to mill a bit deeper and then make a small aluminum cover so that everything would line up flush/smooth. I mainly did this mod in order to make it easier to fit in a holster. Putting lights on the end of a revolver just looks silly!

    Now its time for a paintjob...
    Check out my builds here -

    I've been playing around with getting one and getting rid of the Picatinny rails is one of he first things I want to do to it. I like the idea of it looking like a Webley Mark IV

    Also would love to figure out how to convert the CO2 pierce adjustor into a drop out vs. having to remove the grip scale.
    "When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it." - Theodore Roosevelt

    Feedback Link -


      That is sick... can I send mine to you? Can reward you handsomely.


      • Lt. head-shot

        Lt. head-shot

        Editing a comment
        Handsomely you say... You have my attention. PM me bud and I will be happy to mill it for you.

      Lt. head-shot , appreciate the awesome work and quick turnaround.