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Thunder Cat questions

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    Thunder Cat questions

    I have a Thunder Cat that I picked up as a project gun knowing it wasn't working. I've wanted a Thunder Cat since I was a kid.

    It's missing one frame screw. The manual says it is a 6-32 socket head screw but not the proper length. Are all three frame screws the same size?

    And mine is back-bottle only. Is that normal? Every other thunder cat I've seen has both asa options.

    The early ones came with no front bottle. There are 3 body screws, 2 in front are longer then the one in the rear.


      NO O-RINGS (they are old and unusable). Don't get caught without the necessary parts to fix your gun!


        Thanks capitalpaintball that's awesome. I'll grab that kit. I have plenty of orings on hand so unless the cat has something goofy in it, I should be covered there.


          Do I remember correctly that the backbottle only version has problem breathing on HPA? Something about not as much energy as CO2.


            Well, I picked it up very recently as a project gun and haven't been able to do much with it yet. The previous owner did say it had trouble recocking correctly. So once I get new screws and the frame is sealed correctly to the body I'll see what it does. My powerhouse is set to 800. So I think that should be enough, but we'll see.


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              If you have it set up right, they wont recock unless a ball is in barrel. Its kind of a fun marker for that reason to me. It needs the backpressure of the ball to operate.

            Originally posted by un2xs View Post
            Do I remember correctly that the backbottle only version has problem breathing on HPA? Something about not as much energy as CO2.
            That seems to be the consensus based on what I've heard. I've had no issues on 800psi HPA with a plugged gas through grip.

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              They all seem to have the potential for issues on hpa. You can drill the frames air passage to help, some guys even open the vale ports as well.

              My puma starved from the front vasa on hpa, I think a 3/16 bit was what I ended up taking through it, never did the valve work, but it works now ( though the blowback screw and velo screw arent where they are supposed to be.)

              I have a dual gas alley cat, and the air passage in the vasa is much bigger than my pumas was. Didnt mod that one, and I think it works on hpa.