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The Official Indian Creek Designs Picture Thread

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    Custom dust teal anodized fishbone bushy with a b2k4 frame (eyes disabled).

    Other is my b2k4 with a T2 Trayless kit. This one of the few pictures I have of it, and was not it's final form. Unfortunately I no longer have it.
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      Sup all! Pulled my ACII out after like 20 years away from paintball. Ran this in my early high school years. Can't wait to get it set up for modern times. I read here about the HPA porting and modern dia ball chop, good info, ty.

      This thing used to rock [local woods rec] back in the day. Quiet, accurate, balanced. Easy to service, simple design. Loved it.

      14" J&J ceramic barrel
      Rando grip chamber
      Rando 45 grip (was running remote, but has asa)
      Homebrew stock (ez cheap)
      Bolt spring preload adjuster (ez cheap)

      Before 3d printers, my high school self also made an AR/cockerish style barrel shroud grip, and fashioned a carpet foam silencer/diffuser out of a plastic spice container. It worked wonders. I'll have to dig those prototypes up hah. Enjoy!

      PS: can anyone decode the serial? 8AC12544 - is "8" 1998?
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        The ICD numbering scheme USED TO BE: YMm# where Y was the last digit of the year, M was the model, m was the month made, and # was the number your body was produced in that month. Translation, I dont know about post 2000, but if this was pre-2000 that makes this a 98 AlleyCat December 544th body made that month.

        Of course, that was all based on a conversation I had with Jerry in '94. Your mileage may vary.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20220926_082508.jpg
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      Dust Lavender/Purple FS-8, picked up a Chaos board to make it 10.5 legal. Also came with a matching purple and a silver bolt sleeve.
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        Good Lord, that's gorgeous.

      Dust black FS7
      Stock bolt/engine
      Stock "Predator Lite" board
      Naughty Dog trigger
      JDS LPR
      Shocktech (CP) HPR
      CP on/off

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20221017_151736.jpg
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Size:	1.28 MB
ID:	325635
      Bought this as a project marker. Bolt engine was missing pieces, eyes didn't work, and there were several leaks. It's all cleaned up, sealed up, and ready to rip now.
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