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New find from the shop’s storeroom dungeon

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    New find from the shop’s storeroom dungeon

    Not quite all pieces together, but I doubt this will ever see all of its original pieces and parts unless Bacci chimes in with what I need.

    I was told that this was a prototype electro body made by Francois Louvet that never made it into production. The proper frame is on bacci’s site on Rennick’s Toxic Toys Urban. The ELCD Inferno frame was the closest thing I could find to fit the flat bottom, but it doesn’t actually line up properly upon closer inspection. The frame was in the same pile of parts though, so it came home too. It will work to complete the look as a wall
    hanger piece. Spyder threaded barrel so I’m sure I can match something nice with it.

    Let me know if you’ve seen any others in the wild or have any other info on this one (or similar models). I would love to get more info if it is out there. Thanks!
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    it has similar lines to the Arrow Precision line of markers but they were vertical feed.
    awhile back, someone on here posted about a British(?) marker that they got and it looked similar iirc.
    kind of looks like a PMI style vert asa...

    i dont think its either of them though.