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Quickswitch Rebuild

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    Quickswitch Rebuild

    I recently acquired a Squall with a minor leak in the quickswitch. I'm proud to say after some tinkering and o-ring replacement the minor leak is now dramatically worse. I replaced the stem o-rings with 003s that came with the Squall and the on the cups I used identical-looking o-rings I got from a Nasty Typhoon o-ring kit from Palmer's.

    When I insert the 12ie, it immediately starts leaking out the top of the assembly and can get 4-5 shots before it's spent. I'm pretty sure I got the cups in the correct order based on pictures I found, despite being an idiot and losing track of their position when I removed them.

    The replacement o-rings look fine, though based on comments I've read here I'm getting the impression that not all PPS parts are created equal. Based on this thread ( I'll track down some of the 1.2x5.7 metric o-rings just in case.

    I've attached a photo of how I've got the assembly laid out. Now that I look at the picture a little more closely I'm seeing the gaps left by the o-rings - does this look problematic? Please let me know if there's anything else that might be worth trying or if the order doesn't look right.

    Thanks in advance!

    Pretty sure the middle two spools are backwards.


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      Here's what it should look like.

      Click image for larger version

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      • custar
        custar commented
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        Is that the same order for the cups in a Blazer?

      • Jordan


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        custar - yes. πŸ™‚

      The 1.2x5.7 metric orings are what I used to rebuild the quickswitch posted in the referenced thread. They worked perfectly.

      Also DocsMachine and Jordan nailed it, your cup order is wonky.
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      Thanks all for the correction on the cup order! I wasn't sure about the inner cups so I had tried it both ways with no luck, and I just verified again that it's still leaking even with the correct order. Hopefully the metric o-rings sort things out.


        I ordered 100 of those o rings for some reason. Lmao. I have 1 stroker with a quick switch. so if anyone needs em hollaaaa.