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Can We Talk About Quality Control?

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    Palmers shop has changed over the years.

    When I was younger, Palmer guns were the GO TO choice for reliable top quality semi autos not cobbled together autocockers. They were affordable (blazers) compared to most wannabe high end cockers like 1300 dollar orracles at the time (base price about 400 for a blazer at the time) and they were really better in every way.

    Nowadays everyone is comfortable working on cockers and fixing them up and they know how to do it easily.

    Palmer guns are harder to take apart, and their top quality co2 compatible O rings are now aging out, being close to 20 years old they are needing rebuilds.

    So people get a used palmer gun, don't know how to service it (they are not the easiest) and then say palmer is bad but really its just different than a WGP gun and throws people for a loop.

    Some seals are worse than others, like that tricky one near the vertical ASA in no mans land. That thing was never supposed to need servicing I Don't think...but it does. RIP.

    So I will always like palmer, but I have never bought a brand new gun directly from them and had the expectations associated with such a purchase. Actually when Craig had twins he had a "twins deal" and I bought a twins deal with another guy and we each got 1 blazer, but I sold it right away after calculating what it would take for me to make it the way I like.

    Houndstooths have the best resale value of any palmer gun now, by far. They are the hardest to find and the most desirable from my experience.


      Fixing or rebuilding a Palmer’s gun does take a little more time and patience, but it is fairly easy if you are willing to learn. I have to say my Blazer has been very dependable and shoots great with all types of paint. I have several cockers, but my Blazer is my workhorse and gets the most use when shooting semi (mostly shooting a pump). I feel no disadvantage going against electros. Not so much for my Typhoon though. Sees the field maybe once or twice a year.