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Sniper Frustrations

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    Sniper Frustrations

    Picked up a 2k bodied sniper with a WGP slider. Took it all apart, cleaned and change the internals with things I had laying around and threw on an ‘04 Macdev Gladiator reg.

    Now, to matter what I have a leak down the barrel when uncocked and it barely pushes a fart worth of air out when shooting.

    I’ve taken apart the gladiator, cleaned and out back together but I believe it is the root of my problem. I’ve adjusted it as much as possible and doesn’t seem to make any different in my issues.

    Any ideas on what my issue is? I’ve got several valves and spring for combining. But biggest issue appears to be lack of air flow. Tank I’m using has 2k in air left as well.
    Cuda's Feedback

    De-gas it, pull the trigger.
    Cock the marker and then gas it back up.

    Edit...I didn't read far enough. That was just for a leak down the barrel. I'm not sure, why you're getting starved of air.
    Carp 's Feedback
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      Is your tank reg one of the ones that uses a ball instead of a pin? Back it out of the ASA a 1/4 turn and see if it is still starved.


      • Cdn_Cuda


        Editing a comment
        Pin, not ball but I’ve had that issue with the ball before!

      Could be my ASA as well. It’s a Shocktech non-on/off Asa. Maybe not engaging the reg pin enough? I’ll switch it out and see if it improves things
      Cuda's Feedback