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Hose specs for eNMEy valve assembly?

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    Hose specs for eNMEy valve assembly?

    I've been tracking down a slow leak in a gen 2 eNMEy that belongs to my buddy's nephew, and I'm a little afraid that it's going to turn out to be one of the barb fittings on the hoses of the valve assembly. I say "afraid" because GoG sells only the complete valve assembly, not the component parts, and that assembly is on backorder anyway. It's next to impossible to fix a bad connection between a hose and a barb fitting, and once disconnected they will never properly reseal. The layout of the valve assembly leaves no slack for cutting off the end of the hose and reconnecting to the barb fitting. So if my suspicion ends up being confirmed, I'll need to either find replacement hose or replace the whole valve assembly.

    The idea of replacing an entire $25 valve assembly because of a leaking connection at one end of a 2" hose irks me. This must be an off-the-shelf component. Does anyone happen to know the specs? Whatever this hose is, I bet I could get it from McMaster-Carr for a few bucks if I just knew exactly what to order.

    I'm really hoping the leak is between the threaded end of the barb fitting and the regulator ASA, but if I'm not so lucky and it turns out to be between a hose and barb I'd like to know where to get replacement hose.
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    Pretty sure you want 5/32 or 4mm tubing. I have a double ion, and I have vibe qevs installed. They have 4mm barbs on them.

    That being said, if you need a small chunk of tubing. I have a roll of freelin wade tubing. I think its rated 225 or 250 psi. Either way, it works for my double ions.

    Id cut ya a 12" piece and send it as long as ya cover shipping.

    Im not home, but I can also provide a part number so you can order your own roll i should be able to tomorrow.
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      Another idea ( which Im currently after to prevent leaks in my double) is 4mm top hats. At least on barbed fittings like the qev, you can push a top hat over the tubing on the barb to make leaks near impossible. If the rear fittings are anything like ions ( push to connect) it may be a bad o ring in the fitting.


        Update, for the benefit of anyone else who may encounter a similar problem and come across this thread in the future.

        First, many thanks to BrickHaus for kindly sending me some hose.

        It turns out the leak was not where I initially suspected. It was coming from the overpressure relief vent, which is a tiny hole in the top edge/shoulder of the regulator. Very easy to overlook, and it happened to be oriented in a way that was venting towards the connection between the barb fitting and the vertical ASA, so the sound appeared to be coming from there. I had to dab the area with soapy water to confirm that the leak wasn't coming from the hose-to-barb-fitting connection or from the threaded connection between the barb fitting and the VASA. Only then did I notice the relief vent. I had already partially rebuilt the regulator while I had the marker disassembled, so I was aware that the reg piston seat was looking a little chewed up. A quick google search turned up plenty of PBN and Reddit threads confirming that a worn reg piston seat will cause an overpressure problem that will vent through the relief system. Unregulated air from the tank is bypassing the reg piston via the tears in the piston seat and the overpressure relief system is doing its job by venting that excess pressure to protect the marker internals. The reg piston seat is a little rubber nub that looks like an undersized pencil eraser. I've now ordered a replacement plus a spare to throw in the parts kit from PunishersPB.

        TLDR: Real problem was a worn reg piston seat in the regulator. The placement of the overpressure relief vent can easily make it sound like the leak is coming from the marker's internals when it's actually the reg.

        The Automag: Not as clumsy or random as an electro. An elegant marker for a more civilised age.