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CVO Problem

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    CVO Problem

    I just got a CVO yesterday, I aired it up and there is a slight hiss from the trigger. Putting it on safe pulling the trigger and it stops, and doesn't do it again until I remove the air and turn the air back on. I'm not to overly concerned but is this a thing that happens with the CVO ?

    That trigger valve is weird. Mine won't fire when it's first aired up and has a little hiss out of the trigger. A few pulls and it finally stops hissing and starts firing. Never have figured it out.


    • Brandon
      Brandon commented
      Editing a comment
      Maybe I'll reach out to SP and see what they say about it. Their pretty responsive on Facebook.

    I had same issue. Didn't do it for first few games I played, then hiss started, then would come and go intermittently. Used it like that all day without issues other than some first shots were low. I suspect it's the square o-ring on the frame as I had to put it in and maybe I nicked it since it was a little tricky. Next time I played I swapped to XLS frame and have used it electro since. Keep meaning to check the CVO frame but haven't had time.