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Smart parts impulse max flo help

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    Smart parts impulse max flo help

    Was working on a smart parts impulse with vertical max flo. It had a slight leak from the max flo to vert asa oring. I replaced the oring and it was like something popped after it stopped leaking. Then the prussure shot up and broke the gauge(stuck at 300 psi). I shut it off asap and retested the maxflo off the gun. Its now dumping air out the adjuster cap.

    Gun was at a 100 psi before so I'm lost. Does the maxflo need to be rebuilt?

    Originally posted by Pumpytrilly1 View Post
    Does the maxflo need to be rebuilt?
    That would be the prudent thing to do.

    Did the pressure release valve vent? I'm assuming so. Could be some debris preventing the reg seat from sealing.


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      Unfortunately i bought the gun used and it didn't have one so my stomach is in knotts right now worried i blew the noid.

      The gun was working at a 110 psi before this happened so i guess its just not my lucky day.

    Update lower maxflo piston oring was in two pieces.



      Good to hear that you found the cause. If the it was damaged, Impulse solenoids show up on fleabay from time-to-time. Just be patient. If the pressure release valve vented, you should be okay.