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Paintball Specification - ASTM F1979

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    Paintball Specification - ASTM F1979

    Summary for .68 Caliber from ASTM F1979-17

    Note: Additional information is given in specification, but not within this summary, for .43, .50, .55, and .62 caliber paintballs.

    1. Diameter: 0.65 - 0.709 inches
    a. Measured at polar axis and seam
    b. Both measurement can vary within the aforementioned range, paintball by paintball

    2. Weight: 3.5 grams maximum

    3. Fill Material
    a. pH 4.0 - 8.0
    b. A test is later defined to ensure the fill does not excessively degrade polycarbonate. Essentially, polycarbonate tensile bars are exposed to the fill for 7 days while
    held in a bent position at a given temperature. The test specimens are then inspected for cracks. There are also control specimens, ceteris paribus, except exposed
    to water.

    c. Fill shall not mimic color of human blood

    4. Impact Breakage Test
    a. Paintballs manufactured within last 8 months
    b. Storage and non-test handling at 66 - 80 degree Fahrenheit, 65% maximum relative humidity
    c. Test at aforementioned temperature and humidity within 10 minutes of removal from original sealed container
    d. Shoot at plywood nominally normal to surface at 260 - 300 fps (measured within 3.3 ft of muzzle) at 79-81 ft from target
    e. Ten out of ten paintballs shot within aforementioned parameters must break on target

    5. Product Marking - warnings, instructions, caliber, quantity, name/address of manufacturer, lot number (container of 500 or more), etc.
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    1. Expect paint to continue shrinking and being out of round. I've measured paintballs with calipers that were ~0.040" different between polar axis and seam. It's not uncommon for a 0.020" difference. I've seen paintballs that look like peanut M&Ms (ovoid), although only a small number in the entire case, and only 2-3 times in my 21+ years of paintball.

    2. I currently have a box of GI 3-Star and GI Custom (which I'm told is equivalent to 3-Star), both manufactured in Canada. They have some of the product markings from the ASTM spec, but the box does not state they are manufactured in accordance with ASTM F1979. The recommended storage is 50-86 degrees Fahrenheit (which is looser than the ASTM spec) and 50% relative humidity (which is more conservative than the ASTM spec). Obviously, there is no way of knowing if they were manufactured, shipped, or stored within these parameters.

    3. I'm curious if paintballs are great coming off the manufacturing line, but they degrade during shipment and storage.
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      For those so inclined, see the "Paintball selection and storage" link in my signature for a deeper dive on this topic.
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