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Certified Hydrostatic testers in the USA: One site to find them all

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  • shooter311
    commented on 's reply
    Wow, $25 with reg removal is awesome. The only place a friend and I have found is an hour an a half drive away and they wanted $65 for the test and I had to remove the regs. For that kind of money I'd send them into ninja. However this site has a ton of places I didn't check. So let's hope I get lucky.

  • lhamilton1807
    commented on 's reply
    It took me a while to find a place that charged a decent price. Found a welding supply shop that’ll remove the reg and test for $25/ea. Definitely jumping on that - other prices seem so darn inflated for a 5 min test. Of course there are fire departments all over my area that do testing, but by law or policy they can only do it in-house.

  • shooter311
    This is an awesome resource, thank you for posting. Although many of the places in my area can't do paintball tanks. However there are more places in my area than I knew. I'll call around and see who can test my tanks!

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  • Certified Hydrostatic testers in the USA: One site to find them all

    Enter your ZIP code, indicate the distance you wish to search, and go. You want to look for the blue icons - the orange ones can only do visual inspections.

    If you’d rather use your phone, there are links to the apps for both Apple and Android devices on the page above.
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