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    I know Walz hasnt really been around lately, but the season just doesnt feel the same without it. I keep expecting him to show up any day with news of the holidays. Has anyone been in contact with him? I know there's been lots of threads anticipating his return.

    Is it rude to start off without his blessing? Or is it what he would want?

    Hope all is well and maybe we can summon his return by exuding the spirit of Walzmas!

    I know the Ragnastock boys have already been practicing Walzmas by giving stuff away as peoples needs are discussed.

    The little I know Wally, I think he would appreciate the sentiment if we hit Walzmas out of the park with or without his help.

    I hope we do see him on here now that winter is settling in.


      Open for the season.
      Originally posted by MAr
      ... Nish deleted it...

      Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

      Master Jar-Jar


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