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Scavengers Supergame Checkin

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    Scavengers Supergame Checkin

    Wanted to check in with everybody and get a check in on whose actually still planning on going.

    Personally I am going to have to drop out. I will be pushing my registration and camping sites reservation to next year for now. My daughter was looking forward to possibly going. But after dealing with a layoff and then getting back to work, all the storm damage I’m having to work on, house issues that came up and a slew of other things. I really and hoping to get back into the sport soon. Just been so busy with other things and my wife also wants me to just get things done first. Not to mention that flight school has been eating into my funds quite a bit. I would like to get some small games going once the weather is better and I can get the field cleaned a bit so that my daughter can join in with the team and get a feel for playing a bit before dropping her into supergame too.

    So for those who asked me directly and I said I originally planned on going still, I’m sorry. Have to keep the wife happy considering all I have going and don’t want her to decide she wants me to stop flying over this.

    I plan on going if it even happens. They keep saying its on, but the states rules say otherwise.


      I'm out for this year, assuming they even pull it off. F#%king COVID. Try it again in 2022.


        Yup, was looking forward to finally meeting some of you this year, but I can't justify it. As much as I want to play, I can't fathom being around that many people.
        Check out my builds here -


          Are you able to save any campsites ,before you give them all back? For those that might still try to make it ?