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2021 Phantom Reconslide

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    2021 Phantom Reconslide

    Updated the 'Classic' Reconslides for better compatibility with a single-rod pump kit adapter, and a TechT IFiT honing adapter. NOTE : the actual honing adapter body/housing cannot be removed if the slide is installed, so you're either going to have to get creative with swapping your inserts, or do a quick tear-down and remove the slide. If you can fit your fingers in between the cracks, you can detach the barrel from the adapter, but it may be hard if you over-tighten the barrel in the adapter.

    If you have an pre-2021 Reconslide, these changes do not affect you unless you use either of these adapters (if you do use these adapters on a pre-2021 slide, watch the end of the installation video for troubleshooting). Both 2021 and pre-2021 slides are pretty much the same other than adapter compatibility. Also, we can do more colors now, like white, and if you are so bold, gold or silver, very shiny.

    The 'Carbine' style line will be updated too and consolidated to just a couple of main slide styles when I get around to that soon.

    Showcase Video :

    Installation Video (Troubleshooting at end of video is only for pre-2021 slides) :

    15% Coupon code is automatically applied at checkout by using above link

    Image Gallery :

    How to Buy :
    Reconslides may be purchased via ETSY, which allows guest-checkout and paypal use so you don't even have to sign up if you don't want to (you should probably sign up tho).

    15% Coupon code is automatically applied at checkout by using above link

    Alternatively you can PM me here.

    The first image says at the bottom "Get a pre-2021 slide for cheaper if you don't use the adapters", this is in reference to me liquidating pre-2021 stuff that I have in stock. I've got about 8x short slides, BLACK. PM me for a deal on those paypalled.