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JT Tac 5 that you know you want

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    JT Tac 5 that you know you want

    Don't bother denying it. I'm sure you've long looked at this inline blowback and thought to yourself, "Man I wish I could afford it." Well now you can. It's like a tippmann 98, but with a double trigger and carrying handle out of the box! For the low low price of $50 shipped, you can have not only one, but TWO JT Tac 5's. And they both work perfectly! well one has a minor leak down the barrel, but still fires and shoots up to speed fine!

    They both look about identical, here's one.

    Totally rad gun, shoots amazing. M. Carter Brown Link

    lol, almost got me opening my wallet.

    PeculiarPaintball on Youtube

    PeculiarPaintball on Facebook

    RuleOfSines Feedback


      Originally posted by RuleOfSines View Post
      lol, almost got me opening my wallet.
      Just wait till you see it in action in the video I just posted. Now imagine having TWO of them that shoot like that!


      • RuleOfSines


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        HAHAHA, that is an awesome video. I love that 360, what kind of setup are you using to record that?

      Simple white backdrop, ebay product display turntable, and a homemade pvc poseable marker stand. Instant pro look lol.


        Bro, you didn't even mention that it can do left, center or right feed.

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          Marketing is important, and you nailed it.

          If you had been firing both of them at the same time in the video with some cheaply animated explosions at the end... I probably wouldn't have been able to resist.

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              WOW, i need to start doing this to move some markers lol