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Post a picture of your pets

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    This is Hazel. Humane society said she is a Boxer / Shepherd mix. She is a socially awkward sweetheart.
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      I suspect my pets may be defective.


        My two trouble makers. Noodle the Jack Russel mix is from Alabama and Bandita the Chiuaua Mini Pinscher mix who they found eating out of the garbage on the reservation in New Mexico. I always grew up with labs and pit bulls and wanted small dogs.
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ID:	44288 He likes to lay purr and sleep like this after hes done being petted


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            Yo my cat is white and tabby and likes to be held while he's sleeping too haha

          One of out 2 cats, about a year old. Found him wandering into the fast lane of the highway while I was on my way home from moving my motorcycle to my parents.


            New kitty at our house


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                My fishtank. All kinds of pets in the house. I will work on getting pictures of the rest of them.
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                Originally posted by MAr
                ... Nish deleted it...

                Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

                Master Jar-Jar


                  I own a lot of pets. Whole back wall in my room is a mini zoo.

                  But I guess my ball pythons are the most exotic out of the collection.
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                    My two critters seen cooperatively begging for tuna. Kitty was added about two years ago as a mouse solution. No more mice. Dog still hasn’t fully forgiven me for her new sibling.
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                            So here's Ichi, who I've had for years now....

                            And here's the new kitty. We haven't quite found her name yet.

                            A bit of a story about her. A few days back a neighbor stops by to ask us to look out for their lost cat. Well yesterday a roommate of mine noticed a cat out on the porch. Kind of matched the description. So we bring out a food dish and it comes right up to us. Obviously not a feral, definitely was someones cat, at least at some point. So we put her in a cat carrier and head over to the neighbors. Sadly it wasn't his cat, his poor cat got hit by a car. So now I have this super friendly cat in box. Kind of feel responsible for it now. So we proceed to visit every house in the neighborhood and ask them if they were missing a cat. No luck. Now I was a bit worried about this cat, poor thing had no tail. Figured the local coyotes might have tried to get it. Had some matted hair, a few fleas, and was rather scrawny as well.

                            So I call and e-mail around to a few of the local shelters. One close by got back to me and said they'd like to help us maybe find the old owner, or take the cat in, or if we wanted to keep it they could give it a bit of a check up and get it started on it's shots, take care of the fleas and what not. Well we bring it by today and find out something interesting. It's not missing a tail, it never had one. It's a Manx, or more precisely a Cymric or Longhair Manx. And possibly worth some money. They didn't want to put out a lost cat notice since they know they'll get a bunch of shady people all claiming it's theirs to get their hands on this rare kitty. So we get the cat started on it's meds, figure out a feeding schedule (poor thing is a bottomless pit when it comes to eating) and bring her home.


                              This kitten I picked up two months ago on the street. The kitten is very nice, he always goes to the toilet in the right place, he is not aggressive and very affectionate. I do not understand those people who just threw it away

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