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Sniper Appraisal

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    Sniper Appraisal

    Have a quarantine build I don't really need. Wanted to get an appraisal on it. I know it would be worth more parted out, but it might be easier to sell it whole.

    Pre-2k stock body, decent but not great shape
    milled back block, black
    Autocockerparts black cocking rod
    CCM Lowers, like new
    Autocockerparts black slider 45
    ANS bolt. Stock bolt pin
    CP reg and on/off ASA, Autocockerparts macro fittings
    Slice premium pump kit with black AL, drilled pump arm
    I have a new autocockerparts AT kit that is uninstalled and would be included, I just didn't want to drill the trigger frame
    Doc's SS detent

    Reg is at 325, but I have not sweetspotted it since I don't have a chrono.

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    If you are not on a hurry to sell, I would list at 325, bring it down if it's up for a while with no offers

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      Good parts on that build. It's definitely worth $300ish, but I have a feeling you'll struggle selling it if you list it that high.
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