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What's it worth; wooden grips, cocker shroud, cocker body

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    What's it worth; wooden grips, cocker shroud, cocker body

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Name:	PXL_20210714_215026878.jpg
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Size:	4.16 MB
ID:	150550 Cocker body, sold by I&I to my team mates years ago as "milled body". A hack can build it out to a functional cocker. A shop rat could clean it up and make it awesome.

    Shroud. The classic old school aluminum and neoprene front end cover.

    Wood grips (Smart Parts?), No hardware (pins or screws), just the grips.

    Looking for input on the market rate for these bits.


    Shroud will get you 40-50
    Grips 40-50

    That body though I'd wager the "hackery" will drop it hard...50-75 tops. Unmolested they fetch 125-150 for that type/year combo


      I would build that cocker and put the ram straight on the rear "loop" ... 🤔
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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