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Shocker Sport 4x4 Turbo skipping shots on turbo mode.

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    Originally posted by Siress View Post

    Is slick honey acceptable? I recall people being adamant about Dow 33 being the only acceptable lube.
    The solenoids themselves need a light coat of grease on the spindle or whatever that part is. Oil can cause problems. As far as the specific grease, there are plenty to choose from.
    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


    • ATBen
      ATBen commented
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      That's the how to guide I'm hoping to avoid lol

    • Siress


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      It's really not bad at all. Just be patient and observant.

    • lew
      lew commented
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      As long as one isn't a ham-fisted goon, taking the solenoids apart is not bad.

    So... second rebuild on the mayflo; problem persists.

    Possible solution, us an old pps stabilizer (0-700psi) and retest.

    Problem... what do I need, and how do I mount a vertical stabilizer on a Shoebox 4x4?


    • Jordan


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      If you have an Automag vertical ASA I have a mount to put one on a shoebox you can have.