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Dye Lazarus/light hammer in a pump

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    Dye Lazarus/light hammer in a pump

    Trying to decide if doing all this is really worth it on a sniper build.

    The new Dye Lazarus valve seems great. Allows for much lower operating pressure and hammer weight. "Balanced valve" and the gimmicky sounding "breech sensing".

    Angry can bore out 9/16 to 11/16 plus has the valves for sale, PLUS is now selling a super light hammer too. Saw he mentioned it is delrin.

    Combine that with a light hammer spring, such as the lightest option from the Inception Designs spring kit...

    Lower pressure, softer shot, advantages of balanced valve, potentially much lighter pump stroke, right? In my mind I can see setting IVG flush and just turning HPR up until you hit desired FPS.

    I already have a CCM lower tube kit and everything feels really smooth as is , right at 300 psi, can't really complain. So I wonder if doing all this will make that much of a difference. I know it will be quieter and softer feeling but by how much is the question.
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    Honestly, I'd be surprised it it's really worth the cost of boring out a cocker body. I ordered it because I needed an 11/16 valve to replace the one in my Empire Sniper that self-destructed. But if you need to drill out your body, buy a new hammer and springs to drop the pressure down a bit? Seems like a pretty costly solution just to lower the PSI. Have to see how people's hands on comparison turn out. Definitely seems to be a lot of hype around it.
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      I was wondering about this as well . Jason has a Body of mine right now for a feedneck / eye hole patch. It's going to be a pump build so I thought it sounded good.

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        While it is a neat valve, my Empire Sniper hits ~280 at 200 PSI using the lightest Inception valve spring, and second to lightest striker/hammer spring (the lightest will work, but the IVG is nearly screwed all of the way in). Otherwise, it's all stock.
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          I have been down the super low pressure in the past and it is fun to do but honestly lacks practicality. That being said I am contemplating a new build especially if I can get a new body from Mozak that that can have his right offset neck. So I say go for it if you want to have fun doing the build for the build sake. If you are looking for improved performance on the field I would rank this as a boondoggle effort that you will be underwhelmed with its performance.

          I really need to stop finding new builds I want to do and just finish the ones I already have in the shop.

          "When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it." - Theodore Roosevelt

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            Originally posted by Grendel View Post
            I really need to stop finding new builds I want to do and just finish the ones I already have in the shop.
            Came here sniffing around as the lazarus has me intruiged.... May have to put that in my signature as this hit me so hard in the feels.
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            • Grendel


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              Definitely an issue, I had sworn off Mag builds years ago but then a few years ago I got interested again in doing them (it is rawbutter fault with the SPAR valve). Now I have 5 almost 6 Mag builds sitting in various stages of completion in my shop. All missing little things to complete their assemblies and then for some of them sending parts off to be anodized. Time, money and effort.

            I just installed it in my Empire sniper. Definitely needed the lightest ID spring. Maybe even a lighter one if I can find one. Also have the ID Hammer. 285 fps @ 150psi.


            • Brokeass_baller


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              I think DocFire sells crazy light piano chord springs, if I remember correctly.

            I would like to try one eventually. See how light / quiet I can make a pump. Really the only benefit I see. But it’s going to take a lot to get it to balance. I’m definitely interested in the Ti hammer talk and getting some custom spring rates made up.

            Lee Spring will make any spring you want to any spec. It’s not cheap but you could have a set made up to match a light weight hammer. I would probably test your standard kit and drop it half the difference of say whatever the madman green to silver % difference is. Start there but it’s going to have to match the hammer weight anyway so they will all be different based on what hammer you run. But it sounds like you can get these to run pretty low pressure. I’m curious what that dose to efficiency? If it’s just a lil less cool but it could be a gas hog. Probably not bad enough now that I got a FS17ci but I would hate to have to go with a bigger tank.

            I definitely don’t think it’s worth boring out a perfectly good body just to use it. Especially if you got drop in set it and forget it CCM lowers. But if you want to tinker with some new things have at it. I imagine it will be a bit finicky and need to be kept really clean.
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              This valve reminds me of people building and tuning cars, yeah its nice but is that 1 to 2 HP worth thousands of dollars, probably not unless you just want to


              • BrickHaus


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                No, but 1 to 2 hp for 49.99 is totally worth it.

              • Psycho91


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