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    iamthelazerviking Feedback

    Oh yeah. I should probably start one of these on the new site. Welp, here we are!
    Feedback 3.0

    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    I have done a bunch of deals with this fella.
    He is reliable, two thumbs up!
    Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

    MCB Feedback

    old PBN feedback


      Easy deal. Bought JT frames. Shipped promptly and with care.


        Bought a proflex visor - Great price and easy transaction. Thank you so much!


          I didn't buy anything from him (well, I did on the old site, but I forgot what it was), but he really helped me out in my search for Ref Profilers. Great guy!
          I can haz feedback?
          If I owe you feedback, just remind me, as I sometimes forget.


            Bought a reg from him and it came nicely packaged, quickly and exactly as described. Easy transaction, will work with again!!

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              Purchased some drop forward bits from him. Shipped quickly and packed well. Would do business with him again.


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                Also sold him some goggles, he paid quickly and told me where to ship it... what more could you ask for?

              I bought a Benchmark slider frame from him. Pleasure dealing with, fast shipping...thank you sir.
              BigRed's feedback


                Bought an M170r from him. Fantastic transaction, he shipped within what seems like minutes of payment going through. The gun was as described and very well taken care of. Packaging was excellent. Thank you for a smooth transaction!


                  Bought a dust silver Proto two piece barrel from him at an eminently reasonable price. Communicated well and shipped promptly. Barrel arrived carefully packaged and in nearly like new condition. Would glady do business again.
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                    Bought a CP reg and barrel - well packaged, even ate a couple bucks on shipping, and was great to deal with. Thanks again!
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