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Regless 300psi Sniper. Tank reg/valve questions

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    Regless 300psi Sniper. Tank reg/valve questions

    Have this idea in my brain to run a Sniper without a reg. The Ninja SLP tank regulator comes to mind since it's set at 300psi. Then pair that with the Palmer's Low Turbulence valve since it's marketed for 300-400psi. Then adjust hammer spring from there.

    In theory, would this not be too much of a pain in the ass?
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    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    Sounds like a decent idea. I'm not sure I would want to try this on a e cocker though. I'd be a little concerned about flowing enough air at 300 at that point. But mech or pump I think it should work.

    Heck if you wanted to grab one of them fancy gas through frames that could be a really unique setup and I'm sure would confuse a lot of cocker guys since you wouldn't have a hpr in the front at all

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      My thought is how is the tank reg consistency/stability? Are they typically as stable as a foregrip regulator? Or do they just knock down the pressure to a ballpark figure? I honestly have no clue.

      If a tank reg can be super consistent I think it's definitely worth trying.
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        I'm looking to do a vsc sniper soon. More or less on the same principle, it should work.


          The more regulators you have the more consistent your gun will be.

          All of the deviation that tank reg outputs goes directly to your valve, it will not be the most consistent thing out there.

          When you have +- 100psi from the tank reg that translates into like + - 1 psi out the secondary reg or something.

          Try it and let us know how cool it is. I like the idea. I tried to do it on a blazer back in 2004 or so. I had a mac dev gladiator adjustable tank, and used it on the blazer with just a foregrip.

          I thought it would be cool to be lighter weight and to have less parts to fail or whatever, but a screw in with a stabilizer is more consistent and I didn't stick with that setup long.


            Probably going to need to put the tank and reg on in the vert ASA then install the grip frame. Also going to need a mounting screw for your Vert ASA that will push the regs pin valve in enough.

            There are some screws that would probably work but your going to have to experiment with one that will work. Might be able to put a spacer on the one you have to get it to sit a lil higher.