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Good 12g CO2 Deal

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    Good 12g CO2 Deal

    This guy on Kijiji seems to like these. It's food grade CO2 and apparently comes in at $0.63 shipped per cartridge for 100 cartridges. Next best deal I've found is buying Crossman 40 packs from Princess Auto at $0.85 per. These seem pretty good I don't know if there's better prices in the US, but the added cost of shipping and possible duty probably puts these over the top.

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    Mosa 12g from ico are the best I have ever used


      Having bought over 2500 mosa's over the years there is slightly better to be had but at their price option at 100 its already great.
      South of the border is only good if your picking it off at the manufacturer and not have a shipping fee(But the road to the manufacturer is costly with tolls lol)