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Reaperball 2022

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    Reaperball 2022

    Ok its been brought to my attention ive been slacking. But seriously what the hell happened to summer? Its almost September?

    Reaperball 2022

    Saturday Nov 5th, 2022 - Pump Day
    OSG Paintball In Barnstead NH
    OSG Paintball Park - #1 rated paintball field in New England. Explore 12 fully themed outdoor courses. Book reservations, sign waivers, get directions, and shop at our store. Host your next party with us - birthdays, bachelor parties, team building.

    This will be a private game as long as we have enough players. If we don't we will blend with walk-ons.
    IF private it will be Pump only.
    IF we blend with walk-ons shoot whatever you like pump/semi/electro.

    Note: We will have a range of new to veteran players. Please don't rip auto-triggers on everyone. I'm not saying don't use them. But be mindful of who your target is and their experience. Everyone's there for a fun day. Lets make sure everyone does. Exceptions to pump only can be made at my discretion for new player and the pump only games. Contact me.

    Entry & paint will be standard Osg entry fees.

    Saturday Dinner: The Bunker @ OSG

    Booked under group: KeithMacDonald / Reaperball

    Sunday Nov. 6th, 2022 Open day
    AG Paintball, Weare NH
    Play Paintball or Laser Tag at AG Paintball Park. We have something for everyone ages 5 & up! Your adventure is waiting! Book online or give us a call any day of the week.

    This will be a private game as long as we have enough players. If we don't we will blend with walk-ons. Either way it will be shoot whatever you want Pump/Mech/Electro.
    If its a private game there will be no ramping but uncapped semi is ok. Its understood you will be hit a bunch, but please don't intentionally overshoot someone. Play the way you Its meant as a fun day to blow of steam.

    Entry & paint will be standard AG entry fees.

    Booked under group: KeithMacDonald / Reaperball

    Attendee List
    Saturday OSG
    1. Cougar20th
    2. Russel
    3. Sterling
    4. Dirge (if work releases him)
    5. MikeJ
    6. Chuck E Ducky
    7. Mrs. Chuck E Ducky
    8. Jonnydread
    9. Magageddon
    10. Shaftski
    11. BLachance75
    12. Db1060
    13. ChuckLove
    14. snipez_jesus
    15. dkv23
    16. Mr. Hick
    17. JeepDVLZ45
    18. shooter311
    19. riot
    20. Padre Padre
    21. Thicc
    Sunday AG Paintball
    1. Cougar20th
    2. Russel
    3. Sterling
    4. Dirge (if work releases him)
    5. Chuck E Ducky
    6. Mrs. Chuck E Ducky
    7. Magageddon
    8. Shaftski
    9. Db1060
    10. ChuckLove
    11. snipez_jesus
    12. dkv23
    13. Mr. Hick
    14. Riot
    15. Padre Padre
    16. Thicc
    If you need lodging just let me know and I can find out where some of the out of state guys stay.
    Last edited by cougar20th; 10-25-2022, 05:59 AM.

    So as with last several years I will be organizing a Shirt order this year.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Reaperball 2022 Proof.png
Views:	291
Size:	93.4 KB
ID:	322060

    Unlike last year we will only offer one color shirt as we have in the past. Last year was fun but very complicated to keep track of especially with shortages.

    Below are the common styles.
    If you want something different I can look into its availability.

    Keep in mind there is still some shortage of certain styles and sizes. I will do my best to get what you want.

    Sleeveless T Shirt = $30

    T Shirt = $30

    Long Sleeve T Shirt = $35

    Crew-neck Sweatshirt = $45

    Pull over hoodie = $50

    NOTE: If there is a shirt style not shown that you would like ask and I can check its availability and cost. IE: Ladies shirts, kids shirts

    Unfortunately there is a fat guy charge to all shirts above XL. If you need a big guy shirt I will do my best to get it.
    2XL Add $2.50
    3XL Add $3.50
    4XL Add $4.50 (not available in all shirt types)
    5XL Add $5.50 (not available in all shirt types)

    If you cant make the game but still want a shirt I will ship it.
    Shipping for Tshirts and Long sleeve Tshirts add $9
    Shipping for Crewneck and Hoodies will have to be figured out.

    Sizing charts & Shirt type
    Sleeveless Tshirt, Glidan Ultra Cotton Muscle Tank
    Tshirt,Gildan Ultra Cotton T‑shirt
    Long Sleeve TShirt, Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T‑shirt
    Crewneck Sweatshirt, Gildan Dryblend® 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirt
    Pullover Hoodie, Gildan Dryblend® 50/50 Pullover Hoodie

    There is NO front image

    DEADLINE for orders is Oct 1st


    With paypals new rules please bring CASH day of the game.

    1. Cougar20th-------XL-----??????---------- Paid
    2. Redic---------------XL-----Tshirt-------------$30.00
    3. Chris A-------------XL-----Tshirt-------------$30.00
    4. Aric-----------------XL------TShirt------------Paid
    5. DaveOsg----------XL-----TShirt-------------Paid
    6. Dirge---------------M-------Tshirt-------------$30.00
    7. Evan---------------2XL-----Tshirt-------------$32.00
    8. Jonnydread-------XL-------Sleeveless----$30.00
    9. BLachance75---2XL------Tshirt------------$32.00
    10. Nobody----------2XL-------LST--------------$37.00
    11. ChuckLove-----XL---------Tshirt------------$30.00
    12. ChuckLove-----XL---------Hoodie----------$50.00
    13. Sterling ‐-‐-------2XL-------Tshirt-----------$32.00
    14. Sterling-----------M-----------Hoodie-------$50.00
    15. Magageddon --L-----------Sleeveless----$30.00
    16. packersrule729 - L---------LST------------$35.00
    17. Shaftski ----------L----------LST-------------$35.00
    18. Cavemanpaintball--M---LST---------------$35.00
    Last edited by cougar20th; 10-07-2022, 10:56 AM.




        Hell yeah


          Hell yeah! I’m looking forward to it.
          ChuckLove on YouTube


            if nothing changes schedule wise, count me in


              I should be good for that weekend. If I can get a babysitter Ashley will come to.


                These fields will soon be 10 hours from me 🤣 maybe I'll try to make it
                Feedback 3.0


                  I should be able to do this again, at the very least Saturday.
                  💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀


                    Count me in, at least for one of the days

                    "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."


                    • Db1060
                      Db1060 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      You wife gonna come too?

                    I marked this on my calendar, but nothing set in stone until I talk to the wife.

                    Edit: I see OSG has a Stockclass day on the 6th. What a bummer I hope that doesn't pull from our numbers.


                      Originally posted by shooter311 View Post
                      I see OSG has a Stockclass day on the 6th. What a bummer I hope that doesn't pull from our numbers.
                      That was brought to my attention. I did give joining that but not everyone at Reaperball plays stockclass pump, many play open class pump only.


                        Also please let me know which days people are expecting to be there. Helps me keep track of things.


                          Probably in both days.

                          It will be november, but you can camp at OSG friday night for free if you want to be onsite and ready to go when you wake up. Just let Dave know your plans and he'll hook you up with firewood to use.


                            Already got a babysitter lined up Ashley’s excited to play. I will have a +1 for this.