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Jt masks

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    Jt masks

    New to the sport and really looking for some jt masks

    Try posting a thread in the WTB (want to buy) section of the forum. Just to give you a heads up JT masks are hot right now so they're pricier.
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      I have recently bought both new JT ProFlex & ProShield masks from my local store. I'm very happy with the quality of both of them and there lenses. The newest run of ProFlex's have very soft bottoms which I've got a couple of bounces off of. If you are looking to buy online Paintball Wizard (my preferred online store) has both of them in stock currently.
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        Originally posted by Jonnydread View Post
        Try posting a thread in the WTB (want to buy) section of the forum. Just to give you a heads up JT masks are hot right now so they're pricier.
        For the older/rarer stuff, it's absurd what that stuff goes for.
        But if you buy them new they're not bad. Proshields go for ~$50 and Proflexes for, what, $80-90? A Proshield is a solid newbie mask.

        Originally posted by ChuckLove View Post
        If you are looking to buy online Paintball Wizard (my preferred online store) has both of them in stock currently.
        I'll second Paintball Wizard. Bought from them a few times with no issues at all.
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          Originally posted by glaman5266 View Post

          A Proshield is a solid newbie mask.
          Solid veteran mask too. I love the older Proshields with the horizontal vents (aka the old Spectra mask). Such a classic design. Thankfully, the collectors haven't gone nuts over those quite yet, so it's possible to get the old style 'Shield bottoms for ~$30 and the hard ears for ~$15-25. They look best with the old 1st generation rubbery visors, which are usually ~$15. Even on the collectors' markets, full builds can often be found <$80 if you aren't too picky about the style of frames.

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          • glaman5266


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            Oh yeah, for sure. I use one of the older ones for my primary mask. Thin frames, rubber visor, JTJTJTJTJTJT foam in a Spyder package for $85 off eBay. Just had to get a new lens and strap. Sold off the other stuff after a while and made most of it back.

            Got another one like that, but slightly newer with a blue lower and the stiffer foam. Still need a lens for that one.

          • MrBarraclough
            MrBarraclough commented
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            I now have a stable of 3 that I rotate through: My original 1998 black Spectra that now has green ears, an all black old-style Proshield of more recent vintage (has chin strap); and a 20 year old OD green Spectra I got recently got NIB from another MCB member. All but the middle one have thin frames and all have the rubber visor.

          What's the deal with these masks? I have some old JT masks (a bunch of them). Why are they so valuable, they don't seem much different then the newer proflex's I have.


          • Chuck E Ducky

            Chuck E Ducky

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            Some of them can be valuable the older JT Products are much better quality. However I do hear promising reviews on the latest product release (like very recent). But anything within like the past 4-5 years has been lower quality. Certain colors and straps and designs can be collectible and valuable.

          The high price for some older JT spectra and flex masks is less about the quality and more about the coolness / swag or whatever of having now rarer parts.

          the new pro flex’s are great.

          Clear stuff is high value. Clear and olive lowers are very high value. Any ize stuff (clear again)

          the newer production clear stuff is also valuable.

          black and olive old stuff less valuable because it’s less rare.

          Good or new condition lenses that are no longer produced are valuable.

          (old mirror colors, amber and pink)

          new condition clear and smoke lenses old style ARE more valuable because of the higher quality but not a lot more valuable than a new retail lens.

          any of the off beat colors from more recent runs and especially from Huntington Beach special runs are valuable.

          the newest pro flex has a different design it’s kinda flattened. I think they’re great.

          any of the “le” colors do tend to go up in price so colors that people didn’t care about in 2018 and you could buy retail for a complete mask for 100 bucks are now 100 bucks for a lower part of mask.

          it’s just a silly Facebook thing I sell my expensive parts and wear a black one or olive because I don’t like to make my head easier to see and I don’t want 200 dollar old worn out falling apart rubber on my face


            Forgot to mention any colored older type frame (now called thin frames) is pretty valuable in good condition. Condition is extremely important as you can imagine.

            Straps of course. Any interesting strap is going to have some value.


              Interesting. Well I guess I'll retrieve them from my "to trash" pile.


                If you want to send me photos I can give you an honest estimate of the value but its easy enough to check ebay for some guidance or if you dare to enter hell, facebook group


                  Book face is ware you want to liquidate. eBay will fetch premium but the fees destroy that up charge. Unfortunately you want top dollar BookFace is the place. Do the research tho the “what’s it worth” posts are designed to rase or lower market value based on if the appraiser is buying or selling.


                    Problem with facebook is having to use it. I have been doing it but I think I'm just going to stick with ebay to spare my brain the assault from facebook.


                      Does Empire make E-Flexs still? You might want to check them out. Same sort of look, soft bottoms, but the lense change and options for customization and new lenses are a lot more cost friendly.


                        Bruh even the Taliban is rocking the JT Masks


                          Nice pic. It is a spectra "pro shield" so it really keeps the casings off your face. Next thing is gunna be some hustler trying to smuggle in a box of used JT mask straps from afghanistan. lol