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AT4 - is there a market for these old guns?

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    AT4 - is there a market for these old guns?


    I have an AT4 I picked up about 10 years ago used. Used it for a few games then put it away in working condition but haven't touched it in years. I'm curious if there is there a market for these things and what sort of price ranges they typically go for? I hate to see it go to waste unused if there are folks that are interested in keeping it up and actually playing with it. It's a super cool gun but the upkeep was a bit of a pain and I just don't play anymore. Thanks for any insight.

    Can you post some pics? I am sure you will find somebody here that will give that a proper home


      Let's start by saying if it's been sitting for that long it will need a complete rebuilt and most of not all orings are dead.
      If the ram o-ring are dead, it will be a real problem because they are custom/proprietary and are not made anymore ...
      ​​​​​As you mentioned, the upkeep, maintenance and repairs can be complicated and consuming and most of the parts (and orings) are unique and are not available anymore.
      Same goes for the mags (they get really brittle over time).

      So, most of the value lays into the condition of the gun and mag.

      That beeing said, they go for under $100 for a non functioning gun to $3-400 for a fully loaded (multiple mags to play a few games without reloading and attachments) fully functional (shoot 300fps in full auto and semi) in good condition.

      Pictures and condition would help on that front.

      There is not a huge market, but it's there ...
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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      My Feedback


        Below are pics of what I have. I disassembled to provide shots of some of the internal parts in case they are of interest. I put it away some years ago in working order, but no longer have any HPA tanks to verify functionality. I also found some spare parts I had purchased direct from ATS. Hopefully the pics provide some insight.

        - AT4 Marker (HPA)
        - 3 working mags (two black, one hopper mag)
        - 1 broken mag w/ clear half (missing top sprocket)
        - 3 stocks (one remote air stock and two bottle stocks)
        - 1 hopper
        - extra set of hand guards
        - ATS O-ring kit
        - ATS regulator kit
        - ATS screw kit
        - extra barrel uni-sizer
        - extra guide plate
        - extra cycle valve retainer and cycle valve removal pin (ATS sent me this to remove and reinstall the cycle valve to change an o-ring and resolve a small leak)
        - paper manual

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20201125_112906.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	20201125_113943.jpg
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          I know this is old, is this marker still available for sale?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20201125_112942.jpg
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Name:	20201125_112948.jpg
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Name:	20201125_113005.jpg
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Name:	20201125_113434.jpg
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          Any chance this is still available?


            It has been sold.


              Would anyone be interested in these?

              - 1 AT85 (never used in the field)
              - 1 AT4 (heavily Modified)
              - 4 Mags (2 used, 2 never used)
              - 1 left side shell and elbow for side hopper
              - 12 handguard loaders
              - 3 extra guide plates
              - 1 Sleeve pad
              - 1 bolt seal
              - 1 barrel o ring
              - 1 red dot sight

              The AT4 served me well for a long time. I had a tiny leak but worked the last time I used it and still kicked a**. It hasn't been used for over 10 years though. The idea was to go mag fed over time. Hence, the heavy modification. So it no longer accepts the bottom loaders. I never used the AT85 in a game though so it should work fine. Only used HPA.

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                Sorry that first pic is blurry
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                  How much are you asking?


                    also curious about price...


                      Normally Im the type of guy to buy one of these, and I almost have, but the fact thats its plastic keeps me away for good. Doesnt age well I guess.


                      • XEMON


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                        They are awesome guns ... when they work ...
                        Could on getting 32 to 3 guns and lots of tinkering to get one usable ... till something happen and you're gona need another gun to fix them ...

                      Hi everyone. I'm trying to offload an AT-85 with accessories and stuff. Its been about 10 years since it was last used (or since I played paintball at all) so its finally time to say goodbye.
                      I'm not trying to make money on this - its probably most useful to someone as a parts gun. Maybe $50+shipping?

                      It currently isn't working, but that's because the last time I used it I had an aftermarket barrel that somehow managed to break off the threaded section in the marker. It was working great before that happened. It was somewhat sad and hilarious when it shot the barrel out the end. Less hilarious when I had to finish the day on a rental tippman. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be hard to get it out with disassembly... I didn't try very hard to fix it after it happened (I had barely been playing at all) and now its been so long since I last disassembled I don't even remember how to do that.

                      Comes with 4 of the foregrip hoppers, a magazine with the viewloader attachment in ok shape, a stock with a gas-thru connection for a remote tank, a bunch of spare parts/o-rings/tools, 2 manuals, the velocity adjustment tool, the ball sizer insert kit for the aftermarket (Python) barrel, and a VL200.

                      Anyone interested?

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220407_214340235.jpg
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                        Is it still available?

                      One more pic
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                        Is this still available? And does it include everything pictured?


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                          Does anybody know if this is still available?