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Blitz trigger keeps getting stuck

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    Blitz trigger keeps getting stuck

    Have a Blitz that my son primarily uses. A couple of months back, he took a gun hit near the trigger so paint got in there which I cleaned out. Ever since then though, the trigger consistently gets stuck. I've taken frame off and cleaned out all the residue in there and checked the magnet area, all seems in good order.

    After a few pulls, it sticks and won't return all the way. I've backed out the adjustment and thought that fixed it but it just allows you to get more trigger pulls in before it sticks. Right now it's backed out most of the way but still eventually sticks. Last night I thought I had resolved it and made probably north of 500 pulls before it stuck again but it did.

    Is it the adjustment screw backing in? There was blue threadlock on there and I have not put more on. I can't find any paint in there or see any visible reason for the trigger to stick.

    When you cleaned out the frame did you remove the trigger? If not, maybe there's still gunk on the pins? Gunk on the trig switch? I'd remove all the frame components & clean it out good with hot water. Not sure how those are assembled though- I've never owned one.
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      What glaman said if you haven't pulled the trigger out physically, paint is probably gumming up the hinge.


        Just closing this out but finally fixed it. Turned out the trigger adjustment screw was working it's way out so after a few hundred pulls, it would back in and push trigger back past point of allowing switch to reset. Old loctite wasn't holding anymore. Put a dab of blue on there and seems to be holding up now.