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What to look for with a carter buzzard

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    What to look for with a carter buzzard

    Possibly interested in purchasing a carter buzzard at some point and am curious as to what I should be looking for. I think they look absolutely beautiful and appear much more robust than similar pumps. A couple questions in mind, based on my limited understanding:
    • Any recommendations towards looking for a pre or post dye buzzard? What are the pro/cons of each
    • What configurations should I look for? The obvious one that sticks out in my mind is open class vs. stock class, but not sure if there are other configurations (different bolts, pump handle/attachment types,
    • What barrel threads do they use?
    • What key mechanical/quality/other issues should I look out for?
    • Any pro/cons to considering a buzzard as opposed to a phantom (which I already have 2 of), sterling, etc?
    • Any other thoughts I should take into consideration

    Thanks in advance!

    I shot another player's buzzard last week.. and wow.. Such.. an.. epic.. epic epic shooter..

    I used to always be turned off on them when a friend had one and it always had the weird tolerance issues if not assembled properly (would autotrigger with every pump if so). But if done right, it's Amazing.. I've noticed some of the tolerance things too on my carter I have and was fine when not aired up, but when aired up, created tension in weird places.. this was definitely a user error issue on my end and experiencing it helped me understand how to PROPERLY re-assemble after cleaning.

    I'm always a huge fan of stock class through and through. And with a matching stock... *drool* I think some have sizing inserts for the barrel? I yield my time to others far more versed. :P


      I have a preference for pre-dye buzzards. I've owned one from most of the design eras. I really like the pre dye's over all the rest. Trigger feels great. I'm a fan of the humpback frames. I love the weight of the stainless barrel/body. I regret selling my dye era buzzard but had no problems with it that I remember. The 1.5 post-dye was ok - I didn't like the ergonomics of the trigger guard and it had slight auto trigger issues. I am not a huge fan of the mini buzzard I have because the stock is about 1.5 inches shorter than a standard one (that's pretty much the reason why I don't use it... it's kind of silly I know). I don't like the slider trigger as much as the older swing/pivots or whatever. I do not have any experience with the post-dye swing triggers (came after the 1.5 ones)

      To answer your other questions
      -Unless you're getting a real older one, it will most likely be stock class. You can find open class adaptors that sit on the collar, but they are kind of hard to find on their own.
      -Buzzard threads are cocker-ish. I have one that will take any cocker barrel and one that won't take them at all. Kinda luck of the draw. I don't know what can be done about this someone else might have some experience
      -Make sure it doesn't auto trigger without touching the trigger
      -Pro/cons weight and feel are the main pros. Biggest con is that parts are harder to get a hold of.
      -The carters I've seen selling recently are at an all time low in comparison to phantom prices. Phantoms seem really popular now and I don't know if that will change in the near future


        I also like the Pre-Dye guns. Sliders are cool and all but the pivot frames feel really good. I had an RTR Buzzard that I ended up selling because I didn't really dig the ergonomics of the 1.5 hinge frame.


          I prefer the pre Dye trigger. It is very refined for a Nelson trigger.