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Crossbow scope/sights for First Strikes?

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    Crossbow scope/sights for First Strikes?

    Hi, I would to check if anyone has experience using crossbow scopes/sights with first strike rounds. I like the Supremacy scope but it’s quite costly.

    I saw a Killer Instinct Lumix Speedring 1.5 to 5 x 32 IR-E HD Hunting Crossbow Scope which appears to be a WalMart budget seller which is around $80 to $129.

    I’m hoping someone has some experience if a Crossbow scope/sight would be any reasonable experience.


    A standard crossbow scope would work but you will need something like the HHA optimizer or the Tiberius adjustable rail to be able to use the scope of the full range of the projectile The Supremacy scope was designed with First Strikes in mind and will work without the additional equipment required. By the time you add in the other pieces you will be close to the cost of the Supremacy scope.


      Flounder raised the exact point that made me get the supremacy, do the math for yourself ...

      The tiberius riser are had to get nowadays (and expensive) ... And they way a ton ...
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

      XEMON's phantom double sided feed

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        I know exactly which site you’re talking about and I was curious myself having seen it if it would be any good for first strikes. Let me give you this after shooting for strikes for the last 10 years. Well I would suggest over anything else is a 3-D printed or otherwise slanted rail and a decent rifle scope that has some drop compensation. As far as that scope what I would tell you to do is perhaps maximize the zoom is what I would do and then find wherever the reticle points actually correspond to i.e. Top hash at 46 yards, next hash at ....
        I have the supremacy on an HH a crossbow optimizer rail and it’s perfect but I have four set ups and I only have one supremacy so I have much experience with crossbow scopes.