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Calling all old fogeys - What was your paintball shop like in the early 90's

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    Originally posted by grendal50 View Post
    Dicks Sporting goods in Palmer, Mass. I believe X-Fire was open in Auburn, but I didn't have access until a couple years later when I had my license. Dicks had a couple pb guns and did co2 fills. 1 case of "Big Balls" paint 2500ct. was $80 and was enough for my whole summer.
    It was Nick's Sport Shop. It is still open however I don't know if they still sell paintball stuff anymore. They have a new owner now and their guns and ammo are so overpriced that I don't go in there.

    I remember going in there for co2 fills and to buy paintballs. I believe that I paid $60 for a half case one year and it lasted me the summer.


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      Haha, brain fart! You're right! Nick's Sport Shop on Rt. 20. I haven't been there in years and only 2 times after they moved to the new location.

    Technically this is 2000's, but early 2000's! In Oregon, was headquartered nearby. Their shop/warehouse was so awesome. The entity still operates today, but I recall them moving elsewhere and changing the name or getting bought out.
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      I wasnt all-in like I became after moving out in 1994, so the best I got was a place called The Foxhole PX in Lansing, MI. Mainly Army surplus and collectables but there was a guy there that knew a thing or two about paintball at a retail level. I bought preloaded 10rd tubes from this guy and he was always about some DJ called Razor Reyes. (Always follows up with a cross body fist pump after he said his name.) There were probably others but I was such a filthy casual back then, I never knew of any others.
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        What paintball shop? Got my first gun and paint at Hilsons Home Center, a hardware store with a single counter in the back with paintball get. Bought a Rapide Comp off them. Everything else after that was mail order.


          Shaggy Bros. in OKC, guy ran the original Dodge City field out in the boonies on my side of the county and had printed fliers with a staple would love to find that still in a box around my place. Bought my first gun a PMI Trracer from him when he was still running it out of the back room of his house. He moved several times over the years, eventually sold to another guy who kept it running for a few years before going out of business along with all the other early 00's upstarts several years ago. Avid Extreme Sports on the south side of the metroplex closed a couple of years ago leaving no pro shops in the area, though they still run the Shaggy Bros. guy's second field up around Guthrie and one down south around OU I think.


            I can remember in the late 80s, army navy surplus stores were usually the best place to get gear..... and they already had great wood ball accessories (ie camo, m16 pouches, 12gauge bandoleers, etc)

            There were no dedicated pro shops, though the larger non renegade fields might have stone sort of “shop” on the weekend.

            One oddball back then was woolworths. The large department store. The local one actually had a large section for paintball around 88-92. They also carried military surplus firearms, and crate ammo. Woolworths... weird

            some firearms would sometimes also sell paintball gear. and some sporting goods. Sometimes they only carried specific brands based on what there wholesaler had. Ie only nsg or only pmi.

            one fun change was around 90? Taso open a retail shop in New Hampshire.
            it was the only full time shop in the area.... and we would pack the car and drive there just to “hang out”.

            It’s funny because for much of the 90s, I worked at various fields and really hated those “shop kids” yet I started out as one