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What's Your Favorite VF Stick Feed?

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    What's Your Favorite VF Stick Feed?

    Playing around with the idea of rocking a stick feed. I know there's a few options for feeds designed to stick into a vertical feedneck. Which ones stand out as being better than the others?
    Feedback 3.0

    I like my 45* degree stickfeed (unbranded), the positioning angles to it are perfect on my Desert Duck (unfinished). The only cons are that it stands a bit far out for snap-shoots than a 90* degree stickfeed tube will. My plans are to get a Palmer's stickfeed once they come available.

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    • Arthur
      Arthur commented
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      That’s sick

    I use the all aluminum Sanchez one.






          I have a plastic Sanchez, PPS, a PBDNA frankfeed and cram’n’jam. I really like the CnJ, but they’re a bit fragile. The Sanchez has served me well too, but it isn’t angle-able.
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            I need one for my tigershark. I need one that's legal for stock class events since thats all id use it for


              I like the pbdna style ones that go into a very feed. I haven't used theirs but I printed some that are similar and like that design if I'm playing with an angled one. Most of the images in this thread are for right feed markers that clamp over the feedback.


              • iamthelazerviking
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                Been eyeballing the PBDNA "Frank Feed"

              • Chuck E Ducky

                Chuck E Ducky

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                PBDNA makes some high quality prints. Super happy with his products.