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Educate me on the ricochet

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    I have have owned at least two dozen revolutions. They are fine for their purposes and the OG shells are very durable. Minor gripes for the lid hinges, but that's common of hoppers.

    I have owned one ricochet. The material is break- tastic. Battery cover, lid hinges, feedneck ...all broke. It's a reasonable design hamstrung by poor materials. Mine may have been cursed by the village witch so YMMV.



      The Proto Primo and Empire splitter gravity hopper will take a full hopper and feed around 8-9 bps without any battery if you are not looking for limited paint hopper and want something relyable. Gog multi caliber and Jolo feed faster but dont hold as much paint.
      I love my revvy and Rotor but you can check the HK army Sonic that look nice.
      Personally I would not buy a used ricochet since they are obsolete and the plastic used for them will crack over time (I have a box full of cracked shell HALO v35, eggy and clear revvy...). But I think I have one in a box if you want to have it. Just need to find it.


      • Toestr
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        Ricochets seem more durable. I think it's the ribs from all the angles.

      Gravity feed (also an A-5 variant)

      My impression was that the Apache was the in-between if you wanted more than a Revvy but less than a Halo or Egg2. Underrated for speedball. Overkill for pump. Had a LCD screen with basic functions (timer, etc.).

      No experience with the 2K, but I’m fairly certain it’s just a 12V version of the AK. Think of the 2K and AK like the 12V and 9V Revolutions, respectively. Single button w/LED.

      My brother ran an AK for years. Worked well enough for mech play with the blowbacks we had at the time. Excellent battery life. Fairly certain that the AK had 4 paddles as opposed to the 2 in a factory 9V Revolution. Also single button w/LED.

      I am unaware of any parts availability. I would assume there is none & that buying an extra to scavenge parts from would be suggested/required.
      New Feedback


        Does anyone know where the Kingman FASTA fits in the Ricochet/Pinocchio hierarchy?

        I've got one that I haven't used in years. The feedspout and lid attachment points both snapped off.


        • glaman5266


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          May or may not be helpful:
          IIRC, the Fasta was rated for ~18BPS, which puts it in line with the Apache. But I’ve also read that the Fasta & that Tippmann electric hopper (SL200?) also had the same guts as a Ricochet, but the SL200 had a plain LED, so I’m inclined to think the SL200 is a Ricochet 2K equivalent, unless it’s an Apache w/o the LCD screen (unsure). I guess I’m unsure where exactly the Fasta sits.

          Not completely sure where the standard Pinokio loaders sit, but I read somewhere years ago that they were rated for 14BPS, so probably like a 2K or just above. So if the Fasta indeed has a Ricochet board and has a 2K board it’ll be on or with a 2K/Pinokio. If it’s got an Apache board it’ll be slightly faster. The Pinokio Speed was their fastest offering and is the fastest* of the tab-sensor hoppers.

          * = HK Army owns the now-former Pinokio brand. Their newest tab-sensor loader, the Sonic, has similar performance to the Speed but with a more traditional form factor. The board is a bit different & achieves astounding speed & consistency with only one 9V. IMO, the Sonic sits at the top with all things factored in.