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Posting a WTB listing.. Be helpful please!

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    Posting a WTB listing.. Be helpful please!

    When posting WTB listings it always helps to include if you are looking for a specific color, if your looking to trade only and price range ,,,,If something pops up that your looking for its very helpful if you stay in contact if your interested... Also if your on a budget ,give a price range ..It sucks when asked for pictures and then take the time to send them and have a person fall out in the middle of communications. Over the years I have talked to other members (west coast ) that dont even bother with the WTBs because they get low balled like a kid posting up brothers old markers on CL and no clue what the value is...I get it, everyone wants stuff on the cheap , but also keep in mind if your looking for a part that's hard to find it just might cost you a few bucks...Also keep cash on hand ! Whether it be in paypal, cash in the mail or being sent an invoice..99.9 percent of the time when asked to hold something until payday or allowance it never happens...I get messages all the time " Are you willing to trade?".. How do I know what you have? Just spit it out say what you have and ask if interested in trading...Make it simple.....This is just one persons opinion.. Thanks for looking!

    The one thing I don't mind is not posting up a price range. Low end stuff? Yeah, I agree. Post a price range. High end? They probably already know they're going to spend a fair chunk of cash, so that doesn't bother me so much.

    When I post WTBs for random parts I don't bother posting price ranges. I'd like to think I can at least ballpark most values, and if someone's out of line I just say no thanks. When it comes to small parts I don't mind paying a fair value for it or a little more if it's hard to find.

    I otherwise agree with ya.
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