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    expired search results

    Is there a way to change how much time should pass before search results expire?

    If I click on the New Topics button, the forum will show me all the latest posts. As I skim through the topics, I will often click on something, spend a few minutes reading that thread, and maybe write a response. Then I will click "Back" on my browser to return to the search results.

    Unfortunately, it seems like if I spend more than a few minutes looking at any one thread, when I try to go back to the search results, I get a page that says the search has expired. Then I have to click on New Topics again and try to figure out where I was, which can be annoying, especially if I was on page 2 or 3 of the results.

    I know the old MCB had a similar feature, but the search results would only expire after a few hours. The new search results seem to expire in minutes. (Not sure how many yet.)

    I know the admins have a lot on their hands right now, but if this could get looked at eventually, I would appreciate it.
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    Good catch! Should have fixed that for you.
    I am the admin...