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WTB ASA disks to adjust tank position

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    WTB ASA disks to adjust tank position

    Back in the good ol days of whenever I remember these washer like things being sold as a way to allow you to adjust the rotational position of your tank when its screwed in all the way into your gun. Is there anything out there these days sold that can allow me to to adjust the position of a 12 gram lever changer so the lever is pointing up and NOT pointing left or right?

    I remember someone talking about aluminum reg spacers that should work. Maybe aka sold them? I'm having a hard time remembering.


      Ninja sells these, made out of a pretty firm plastic.
      Tank regulator adjusting clips is the name iirc.
      Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

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      old PBN feedback


        Yep, Ninja clips.
        Feedback 3.0

        Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
        Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


          An oring in the ASA works, too.