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The Official Grill/Smoker Thread.

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    The Official Grill/Smoker Thread.

    This thread is a good idea. I cheaply smoked some brisket points last weekend. A little dry (I need a wireless thermometer) but totally edible.


      Nate, in a fantastic bit of 'small world'-ism a buddy came by today to borrow a hammer drill so that he could run power conduit out to the grilling area for the planned upgrade to a Traeger. I'd never even heard of these things until you mentioned them - what...4 days ago? Hilarious.

      edit: also, subbing for all the recipes.
      B/S/T Listings: Custom Phantom Parts + Misc. Items - lots of regulators

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      MCB Feedback


        You guys are reminding me how much I miss my smoker. Cheap electric one I had went through several heating elements. I need to get a nicer one!



          So I make Maple syrup but in the summer one of the evaporation tray comes out and a grate goes on. The wood gets loaded up and we are boiling up some good ole Lobsters.


            I smoked some ribs today on my Weber Smokey Mountain.

            This was about 1/2 hour after I put them on.

            They got cut into before I could get a finished photo.

            I smoked them at about 250 for 4 hours uncovered. Then I wrapped them in foil for about 1 1/2 hours. I put a little butter, bbq sauce, and honey in the foil before I wrapped it. They came out great.

            I have a pork shoulder that I’ll probably do in a few weeks.