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High Flow Valves

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    High Flow Valves

    Back on MCB 2.0, I posted a longwinded narrative about making valves for AM guns.

    Well, I still have a dozen or so.

    Stainless steel, a conical entry face, and a well-matched exhaust port. The conical face means they seal at the OD of the cupseal, so even a heavily worn valve-cup assembly still will seal reliably on these. (At least, the black and translucent amber ones, and the translucent Lapco Spyder cups. White nylon Spyder seals are not reliable.)

    They sweetspot between 400 and 500psi on a Sentinel platform, allowing shooting velocities with the same springs as the stock valve at 800psi. CNC machined on the office's Integrex 300S, by someone who's not me, so they came out really well. There are pilot holes if you want to drill (5-64ths) for additional blowback gas; I find drilling one port to be helpful but the second to be unhelpful.

    I also have a small stash of OEM Diadem and Sentinel-Illusion valve pins and cup seals. The Diadem pins are narrower in the middle; both have blowback flats.

    Keep those guns running!