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Emek vs everything else?

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    The emek is really good, what it has going for it vs the enmy is the trigger, it is much better, but is it worth the 100ish dollars more, I would say no. Both are plastic mech spools. The biggest thing holding me back from loving the emek is it doesn't have any character and is ugly as sin stock. But for what it lacks in character it makes up for in reliability, It just works and works good! I also think GOG has MUCH better customer service than PE. Dollar for dollar value I think the enmey wins but if you have the money the emek is better functionality wise.
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      Originally posted by KMDPB View Post
      But for what it lacks in character it makes up for in reliability,
      This right here is why I think the Emek can be a bit polarizing. It's gotten to the point where the Emek has become the default answer given to most new players asking for advice despite being a fairly boring looking hunk of plastic. Then again, what it lacks in the looks department, it makes up for in performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. It's gotten to the point now where I can look at a $1,200 Autococker and go "ooh, shiny", but no longer dream about owning one. I'm more about simplicity and practicality now than character.
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        I have a V2 eNMey and I bought an Emek when they first released. I prefer the feeling of an eNMey vs. an Emek as I like the bolt actuation and trigger feel, but the eNMey feels cheaper in the hands than an Emek. The Emek also wins in terms of ease with serviceability. The eNMey bolt system isn't super complex, but some of the o-rings (looking at you bolt sail) are a bit of a pain in the ass to get just right, whereas the gamma core is just stupid easy. I think I prefer the eNMey because, while cheap-feeling, it has a bit of personality to it where the Emek feels like if a robot designed a paintball gun. I'm not faulting the Emek, far from it, it's just not for me.

        From the wants you are describing I don't know if you want to bother with an Emek. They are bulletproof when it comes to reliability, but if you aren't experiencing issue with your Crossover I don't think an Emek will perform appreciably better and having the ability to go between electro/mech is a nice option to have. That said if you want a gun that you never have to think about, an Emek is a great choice.
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          I have owned/shot/used ENMY's, a mech Ion, M170R and now the Emek. I liked the M170R out of those I listed but I didn't think I would use a mech gun enough since I was playing with all electronic players at the time. Fast forward a year or so and things have changed and I sold my shocker because I knew I wasn't going to use it enough now that I have the Emek. I really don't like the Gog's because they don't have a great feel shooting and I found I would sometimes hold the trigger longer letting air out. It's a weird shooting gun. Plus the field we were at had them all for rentals and we had to fix them too much. I have seen the bad side of them too often.

          The mech Ion was ok but it was heavy and suffered from the same type of trigger issues as the Gog. Plus it didn't have a safety and I knew shooting myself in the foot was a definite possibility. Then I got the Emek for Christmas. I figured I would just use it when I was playing with all rentals and not really use it often. I realized right away that it shot better than the Gog or Ion. I have only put the Emach trigger on (stock valve) and it works great. I play now with the guys shooting electric guns while ramping and don't think twice about it. I can hit about 8bps consistently with it the way it is. But I love that it is great on air as well. I run it with my peanut tank and can go several games without a refill. If I had known what I do now I wouldn't have sold the M170R but I am not disappointed with the Emek. Plus I like that I bought 2 custom bodies for it for $100 and it won't look like a rental gun anymore.

          I get asked all the time about what I'm shooting from new guys and they all swear I am shooting an electric. It shoots fast enough but it's all mech (aside from my hopper). I tried the PAL hopper and I really don't like it. I have started taking my Z2 as the backup to the CTRL if I decide I need a backup instead of the PAL. It missed shots and I don't like the lid. At least with the Z2 I can use 9V's and it has a speed feed and I use the large capacity so I don't need to take pods with me.

          Overall, I like having a gun that I can rely on and it shoots great. I don't worry about it getting torn up and I don't have a fortune invested in it. I don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon. It made me realize I didn't need an expensive electronic gun anymore. If you really want something smooth and a little higher end the M170R is a great gun. But it is a lot more money (stock vs stock) brand new. Plus you aren't customizing it without annodizing. That's where I really like the Emek, it can be anything you want it to be like the old days with guns. Just my $0.02
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            Owning the Enmey and the Emek, I've played extensively with both. Here's my two cents on the subject:

            - I really like both markers, but I markedly prefer to shoot the Emek. For one thing, I find it impossible to short-stroke like I will occasionally do with the Enmey;

            - While I find the build quality of the Enmey decent (I only did pay $150 brand new for mine after all, so critics of the Enmey should bear that in mind), the build quality of the Emek feels decidedly superior;

            - The PAL option (putting on a PAL loader) is also a nice thing going for the Emek. In my experience it does work BUT the marker needs to be 100 % stock. In my case when I upgraded to the ID Fang trigger the PAL loader couldn't keep up reliably;

            - The Emek isn't much of a looker, granted. PE's initial target market were rental fleets and novice players on a budget. I slapped an ID FLE body on mine (yes I know... I paid more for the body than I did for the marker...) and it looks awesome. It turns out that the Emek is very popular with seasoned players that want something simple and customizable. I can play recball all day long with players shooting CS2s, LV1s, DSRs, Shockers, Axes, etc. and don't feel I have the slightest disadvantage;

            - The Gamma Core found in the Emek has become a reference in the industry. Where I live, we can go through all sorts of crazy weather yet the Gamma Core keeps up.

            To the OP, really, the best thing would be to try the Emek out and see if it is suitable to your needs.

            Here's my Emek!:

            Click image for larger version

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              I decided to just stick with what I have Being the Emek has gotten to expensive around here. I’m happy with my Tippmann for myself. And The GOG just needs a new green body o ring (rebuild kits on way).

              Also picked up a cheap Azodin Kaos to tinker with to satisfy my desire to mess with stuff.

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                Originally posted by Tinybear View Post
                I decided to just stick with what I have Being the Emek has gotten to expensive around here. I’m happy with my Tippmann for myself. And The GOG just needs a new green body o ring (rebuild kits on way).

                Also picked up a cheap Azodin Kaos to tinker with to satisfy my desire to mess with stuff.
                Alas, you're quite right about Emek pricing. PE had to raise the MSRP on their products because of the whole Covid mess, and I don't blame them for it. However, Badlands being the exclusive PE distributor for Canada always charged way more than what the average exchange rate would dictate.

                Sometimes you'll see online a used Emek for sale, but they go fast. And they're usually not that cheap either.

                The GOG Enmey is also a solid choice, despite its minor shortcomings. Before I had my Emek it was my go-to semi mech, and I 'gogged' quite a few faces with it (yeah pun intended). That marker works.
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                • iamthelazerviking
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                  Seems like prices for everything everywhere have inflated quite a bit. Emek went from 219.99 now to 269.99 and even 279.99 some places. They hold their value well though.

                • Brokeass_baller
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                  That's what's keeping me from buying one. At $220, it's an great deal. But at $270? I may as well save up a few extra bucks and buy a higher-end gun on the used market. Lord knows by the time I'm done upgrading an Emek, I would've spent all of that extra money anyway.

                • Cyberpyr8
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                  Yeah the way prices are going, a M170R is not a bad deal. Especially when you are going to buy an Emek then put a pops, hair and fang on it. Glad I grabbed mine when I did. If you go the ID body on it too you might as well get a used M170R.