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Single Trigger Frame?

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    Single Trigger Frame?

    Have a Spyder Shutter I'm working on. Not a huge fan of the double trigger set-up, but I can live with it.

    Just curious if anybody made an aftermarket grip frame that was a single trigger.

    I've seen the BL frames, with the finger grooves on the front, but I'm not sure those frames will fit my Shutter or not.


    Older spyder frames should fit like this one.
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    Egg Force Hopper
    Ion Long Rifle
    Spyder Pump the easy way
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      The Bob frames will fit your Shutter.
      Velcor will save us...

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        As stated already, the BL frames will work on your Shutter.

        You can also search for Dye frames and Diamond Lab frames as both were made in single trigger versions. The latter being more difficult to source.
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          I think bacci still has Taso frames too. But I'm pretty sure they're empty so you need a donor trigger at least

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          • Myrkul


            Editing a comment
            He still has 2. You can gut pt extreme thin style trigger plates and get them shooting with very little work. They take normal springs and sears.

          Thanks all for the help.

          There's a couple of the BL frames on ebay, but are empty. Not sure where to get the inners.


            You just need a stock single frame to pull the guts from. Or if you have a standard old style frame you could potentially just chop the double trigger down.

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              you could always cut the bottom os the double trigger but that looks a little goofy in the double trigger guard. unless you you also cut the guard completely off or cut most of it off and leave a little saber tooth piece...

              any of the grey body spyder frames with fit as well. (the ones with the 45 degree "power feed" feed neck)