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    Ok. I thought there were updated parts to accommodate some of the issues.

    So, running stock class is probably out. I have both stock and vertical feeds, so its not really a problem. Or I could run the stock feed with a bottomline and reg.

    Is there a disassembly diagram anywhere? I don't remember getting much with my marker....but that was also years ago.


      The video is about all you gonna get in term of "guide"

      And forget about finding spare parts ... I made/modified what i needed to get mine up and running.
      I would love to get my hand on a dead one to try to make parts for them ... but that is likely a long-shot/pipe-dream ...
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

      Air Power Vector Screw Kit
      ATS Screw Kit

      My Feedback


        I'd definitely be interested in picking one of these up someday...I remember there was a time when people were ditching them for like 50 bucks. Never seem to see them come up any more.


          Good to know adjusting the internal reg all the way in can allow you to bypass it and use an external regulator.

          After searching through some old save files i did find this...

          Metadyne Manual3_1-1.pdf

          Metadyne Manual3_2-2.pdf

          I have the 35 pages but the file is too large to upload... any suggestions?


          • XEMON


            Editing a comment

            Public link google file would work.
            Shoot me a PM if you want help with it