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Enmey valve upgrade?

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    Enmey valve upgrade?

    So anyone who has shot a enemy and a cvo know that there is a difference.

    Would it be possible to take an after market valve (such as those popular in mech ions) to close the gap between the enemy and cvo?

    Would also need a different trigger I'm sure. Something that incorporates "tighter" trigger feel.

    The valve used in mech Ions isn't "light" unfortunately. Some of that stiffness can be negated with clever valve placement in the frame, but it'll never be CVO level.
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    • JeeperCreeper


      Editing a comment
      I have been thinking though. If you copied the CVOs format and made a lever system off of the trigger to actuate the valve which would be mounted vertically, you could either trade stiffness for length of trigger pull or vice versa. I would go with the latter to make the stroke as short as possible in an effort to gain consistency. But also I have no 3d printer, and am not familiar with CAD so it's still just an idea.

      I also feel some sort of small gearbox could do the same thing

    Yea can't say I haven't tried, but Jordan is right. And I have been searching thr internet for a valve that's anything close to a Smav3 but it's hopeless. If you want a CVO, then you gotta just buy one. I did, and I'll be able to compare my single trigger mech Ion with it as soon as it comes in.


      Thanks, I wasn't sure about the aftermarket valves. Kinda figured the best way to get cvo feel is to buy a cvo.


        Has anybody made a side by side comparison of the smav 3 and the enemy valve ?